Friday, December 18, 2009

Whittling as a Hobby

from Whittling as a Hobby website Lawrence Spinak, Gloversville, NY USA. located at.. project page a note worthy project is located here for beginners and beyond skill sets this is a 7/8 X 7/8 X 3 inch full body human character that with little effort could be modified into a female cowboy or Santa ... I hope I made this understandable, topic open for discussion in comments


Anonymous said...

thanks for posting this, i did learn something,
seem the more i look at this site , the more i learn i don't know much,
got to admit, been doing more and more carving, but small stuff,but yet not as small as tom h, maybe someday,
hope all is well and merry christmas

Ed Hulett said...

That's a great site. I've had it bookmarked for a long time now.

Robert Cahill said...

I have had it bookmarkded also, I became a fan of his after his article in WCI on carving the little guy. Use the pattern often

Dolledokus said...

Thanks for this one.
Verry verry usefull!

Kind regards dries

Bucky Webb said...

Looks like I'm a little late to the party. Link is no longer valid.