Friday, July 24, 2009

from the past

from the past here is what i considered simple, but maybe not for a beginner.. a link to a album on my picasa at the just click the title of this post... post updated 7/23/09 Many carvers resort to coloring book's for patterns of items hard to find that children can identify with, coloring books are cheap, available lots of places and can be xeroxed to scale to fit the wood you intend to carve, and in the end the children can color them when your finished... Although usa has lots of copyrights on media, i wouldnt encourage you to go into business carving color book charters for sale, you could get in big trouble, but for your limited family needs i dont think its much to worry about...
Sheriff from disney/pixxar cars animated movie.
quick growth slash pine lumber. two 1x4x3" blocks glued up for this project i started from pine construction lumber drops for my Grandson who was 2-1/2 or 3yrs old, ok it was suppose to be "Doc" a 53 Hudson but a happy mistake turned it into a 53 Mercury, My grandson said this is sheriff not Doc even before it was painted... well i carved another the 53 Hudson, but he wouldnt wait for it to be painted, he took his Doc car home... and wont bring it back for paint yet, hes 5 now...


Holee said...

I got all my carving supplies last Christmas to learn to carve simple santa's and maybe animals. Unfortunately, I have bad Rheumatoid Arth.& winters make my hands swell.

My neighbor carves trees with a chain saw. I know, not the same thing. He saw me struggling to carve a small Santa. He took a Dremel and cut the basic shape with it so all I had to do with the knife was define the face, hat and beard. I guess you wouldn't call this carving, would you?
Anyway, it was my second Santa and it thrilled me to know I did them.

Tom H said...

holee, don't tell some damn fine carvers that power carving is not carving. As long as the tool is still held in your hand and is guided by yourself, it's carving.

Thomp said...


I think that would put your carvings if judged at a carving contest, in the class of
" Carved from a rough out"
if they were that particular..

prisoner's use sharpened bent nails and modified spoons to carve their projects, and paint them with shoe polish or food dyes

its unknown if there is a purist among us carvers here (knife only carver),
but ill bet 75% of the folks that read this blog do own a dremel or other rotary tool they use on carvings...

i surely do have 6 or 8 rotary tools & and definitely use my mini WeCher to sand smooth out bad spot's that's giving me trouble..

simple answer is no problem here...

im told larger handles on tools help the grip from sore hands,
ive made several knives with handles 1 inch girth, because my hands hurt when doing extended carving, its that or a hot soak in water to get them working right ...

try wrapping the knife handle with vet tape or a cord to make it bigger, if it works right for you , you might think of getting a new knife or have larger handles put on them,

there is a link on main page right column for little shavers ,
he has information on his home page called
"Handle to reduce Arthritis Pain"

he remakes knife handles.