Friday, July 17, 2009

Carving Roughouts!

This a WARNING! I am about to step off the deep end! About to cross over to a FAR SIDE. (I liked that cartoon series) So as radio talk show host Glenn Beck says, "You may want to wrap your head in duct tape to keep blood from squirting out your eyes and ears". Well, since you're carvers/whittlers you may want to use "vet or whimp wrap" instead of duct tape. Here goes! What would you think if you, a wood carver, found yourself in a conversation with a person completing a "Paint-by-the-numbers" painting, and that person compared your use of a computer/router generated rough out; to "painting-by-the-numbers"? Maybe no one carves rough outs!


JimB said...

When you paint by numbers, you have a finished product. One step. paint. When you use a computer generated rough out, you still need the skills to get a finished shape thru knives, chisels, sandpaper. And then you need the skills to paint you project or to put a finish on it. It is not a one step process, alot of things have to come together to obtian that product.

Tom H said...


Glad to see your response. I agree! But do you think that there are any similarities at all?

Gene said...

Similar in nature Tom .. A roughout is the raw form of shape and outline of a carving and you just add the details no matter how you do it .. but the difference I see between a roughtout and paint by number is .. in a paint by number .. you must follow the picture to get the proper end results or the picture wont come out right ..
On a roguhtout .. you can completely change the outlook of the finished piece all togther .. I have been able to carve over 30 different figures with one pattern or cut out alone .. Take Jack prices pieces .. One pattern .. endless characters .. Steve Prescott has a roughout he creates 20 or 30 characters from .. you cant do that with a paint by number set .. you have to paint what's there ..
Big Difference


Tom H said...

Boy, you guys are sure coming through for me. Gene has added a different perspective on a major difference between "paint by the numbers", and carving a rough out. I doubt if there is any skill or technique required to "paint by the numbers". Sorry if I've offended any "paint by the nubbers artists".

Thomp said...


so if i carve a log from a log im really just using a paint by numbers natural roughout tom?

JimB said...

Tom H
the only similarity I can see is the use of paint. The process is mapped out for you. Now a roughout can go a multitude of directions, paint by numbers only 1.

Tom H said...

Looks like there's agreement. Only, JimB, I think it takes more effort, technique, and skill to paint a wood carving, than it would a "paint-by-the-numbers" painting.

JimB said...

There is no question you are right about the painting. You have to make the decision as to what looks good and how to apply it.
Paint by numbers-- 1 is green, 2 is blue, etc.

Anonymous said...

some of us old farts need all the help we can get, if i had 20 less years i might aggree
sammy c

Thomp said...


good to see ya found the place,

wish i could set it up as a open forum but i ain't found anything like a button to turn that on,

to add my 2 cents worth,

rough outs are great, the most of the waste wood is gone, but if you want to carve a exact or replica of a carving, but most of them dont give you a lot of latitude to be creative, as scroll, or bandsaw cutouts do.
never the less their not paint by numbers...