Friday, July 10, 2009

A Magic Carving Knife!

Since Bob has said he has some magic knives, maybe he'll agree with me. Some say there is no such thing as a magic carving knife. Well there may not be a carving knife that is completely "magical". But I too have some that are nearly Magical. You can, if you take the time, make your carving knife "magical". These are the conditions that must be met: KNIFE 1. Blade must be high quality steel. 2. Handle must fit your hand. 3. Blade must be properly shaped and sharpened. 4. Blade must be the proper length for the task at hand. 5. Blade must be set into the handle at the proper angle. 6. The relationship of the blade to the handle must be proper for the task at hand. Once the above conditions are met the following practice's will probably result in you saying that you too have a "magic" carving knife.... 1. Practice carving 2. Honing 3. Practice 4. Practice 5. Practice

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MackTheKnife said...

I do agree with you, Tom, on all of the above points. The most important phrase in your "KNIFE" points is "proper for the task at hand." I have two knives made by Carl Johnson that are "magical" because they allow me to do Celtic knots quickly and easily without a scroll saw. They aren't very magical when it comes to removing large amounts of wood, though.