Thursday, July 30, 2009

Pattern Jeni bottle stopper

Skill level: moderate skill
Jeni bottle stopper
inspired by tom h.'s thread on wci's mini cane round 2, segment carved by 'Kris' Toycarver
Drawn directly on 2x2x4" section of basswood the photo should transfer right to the block if printed and folded between front & side views and spray adhesive or use packing tape to apply the pattern for scrollsaw or bandsaw cutout, or trace pattern on to block and carve away waste wood using pattern as study. after its cut out. redraw pattern lines on the freshly sawn out blank to help you align all the main features and start removing scrap stock. with knife or gouge.. modify pattern to your liking, cut out and carve, Cork Attachment: use a section of 3/8" hard wood dowel, drill half through stopper with 3/8 drill in cork stopper's big end and in Jeni bottom and epoxy dowel & cork in place.. alternate method would be to use a large forsner, or pattel bit in the bottom of the Jeni, bit should be big enough to allow the neck of the bottle to go in the Jeni, (pattern base may need modification before sawing out allowing enough wood to be bored out,) the extra wood could be carved to resemble escaping smoke ir something like it...
Starting to see a Jeni?
Continue removing the waste wood make changes as necessary, to find the jeni in your block of wood, so far i have used mostly knife to remove stock but i have started using 1/8" "U"gouge among several others in rounding out this feller.
Carve on..

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Anonymous said...

This could also be a cain topper.