Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Power Rotary carving!

Over 1100 views in less than one month, but only a handful of comments. One of the many goals of a blogger is to generate comments. Since Thomp made me a full administrator I am going to start a series of postings that will hopefully will result in a discussion of sorts through comments, and maybe even some postings from others. What I am going to do is play devils advocate, stir the pot, make some statements, and list various observations about wood carving in general. Let me start by stating what I have heard some wood carvers say about "Power carving". "Removing wood with a power rotary tool is not real carving" Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this post are not necessarily the opinions of Thomp or Tom H.


Hal in Seattle said...

I will use a dremel some time's to remove a little more wood on a bandsaw blank , but i my self don't power carve , but its what ever floats your boat i guess.

Hal in Seattle

ps: Tom in my carving club are you going to be my friend , you probably haven't been there in a while , no biggie just asking.

Thomp said...

where dose it end..

is it now to the point to where you have to plant the tree from seed then harvest it and plank it up, dry it and carve it all with a pocket knife to be a wood carver?

i feel if you say your a purist and that you hand carve with a pocket knife only you should be truthful.

especially if your selling your hand carved carvings.

i haven't sold any carvings nor do i expect to any time soon.

Tom H said...

Hey Hal! It's done! Thanks

MackTheKnife said...

Wood carving is the removal of wood to reveal the beauty within. Don't care how you do it. I only use knives, but that doesn't mean that I don't respect and applaud the efforts of the power carvers. 'Sept that laser stuff, I don't know. Shouldn't you at least have to touch the wood?


Di in Hawaii said...

I think ego gets in the way....of anyones craft or art...and their way is the only way. They begin to sound religious, political, and more. I say if you got the time to sit and be critic about other peoples got to much time on your hands biting on people butts when you should be in your shop working and an improvement of your own work.
old chinese saying...
when you think you know everything it is time to quit.