Monday, July 27, 2009

woodcarving commedy

Q: Whats the difference between a novice and professional wood carver? A: The amount of scar tissue on their fingers and hands... Today I heard from a good source that Tom H. was in a public place carving when a knife slip made him grab for a hankey to keep from embarrassment he wrapped the thumb, in the hanky it stung and sure was cut. later when the bleading was sure to be stopped he unwrapped the thumb without a sign of blood, anywhere... ? was he day dreaming as some old folks do? ? was he taking a nap, and dreamed it? ? has he absorbed so many slivers and sawdust that now hes made of wood? ? or was their any sawdust! ? toms just so good he knows when to quit.? ? skeeters would have a tough time at his house... ? none of the above...? tell us tom


Tom H said...

You know, Thomas, It's not polite to make fun of ol' folks. I know it was a religous cut. Doesn't it say some where in the bible, "heal thy self"? Or maybe it's cause them vampires at my physical last week took too much blood.

Thomp said...

sorry tom,
i had to share it!

Tom H said...

Hell Thomp, if we can't laugh at our selves who the Hell can we laugh at! This kind of reminds of a friend who I shared a table at a carving show with. We were both whittlin at the table, when I looked up and to my horror he was sound asleep with his carving knife in hand.

Marcia said...

Poor Tom.. getting picked on. :D

Were you by chance carving a MAGICAL Wizard at the time of the knife slip? If not, I vote for the cotton batting and sawdust therory. :D