Monday, August 3, 2009

"Open Post Thursday"

Ol' Thomp and myself had an executive board meeting this afternoon. In addition to the lies we generally tell each other, we made a decision about this blog. Since we want your participation we need to have an easy way for you all to post general comments, ideas, questions, answers, etc. To achieve this, we are establishing THURSDAY AS OPEN POST DAY. We will start Thursdays with an open posting. All it will say is : OPEN POST THURSDAY.... Post your general comments, questions, ideas, or anything related to carving. But please leave your name. We'll try this for a while. If it works great; if not we'll try something else.


Hal in Seattle said...

Sounds great , so people can just start Jabbering away? Can't wait , i guess you might say 2 Heads are better than one LOL
Good Job Guys!!!
So Thomp has it cooled down at all?

Hal in Seattle

Thomp said...

the rain come through, it is now like after the water has been poured on the hot rocks in the last sauna.

but we are coming into the hot sultry dog days of the end of summer... good for porch setting and drinking tea.... or going nocturnal,