Wednesday, August 26, 2009

WCI Mini Friendship Cane #2

Here's a quick slide presentation of the individual Mini Friendship Cane segments, that were completed by the participants in the mini cane #2 effort. There are two segments from each participant. One set will be assembled and sent to the WOOD CARVING ILLUSTRATED magazine, the other is for me... The segments were carved from 3/4 x 3/4 x 2 inch wood.


Hal in Seattle said...

Are you doing another cane and what are the rules ? Also is there a way for newbies or anyone really to post pictures or do they have to go through you or Thomp? So everyone could show their work and progress , not trying to make more work for you guys, just an idea.

Hal in Seattle

sccarnes55 said...

hey ton h, getting close to somehthing near normal, or there abouts,
i too wouldlike to be conisered in the next cane, did you mention something about a christman cane,
anyway , might make it up soon, did find out there is a group that meets in bristol village, a retirement village to live ion lake white,
get this the guys name is

phil carnes, going to check with him this week,i hope