Tuesday, September 22, 2009

how to bandsaw or Scrollsaw cutout

scrollsaw cutout
sorry i didnt catch all spelling errors folks

Several tips that might help.
  •  I use a less expensive delta scrollsaw to cut out patterns in stock less than 2", with a fine toothed blade that has all teeth going the same direction to move the sawdust out, specifically  polar 5 flying Dutchman, You may not own a scrollsaw, you may choose to cut out patterns with a bandsaw, or coping saw if you like punishment. 
  • if you dont have a saw, try your carving group, or cabinet shop to get your pattern cut out if you bring in the pattern they will cut it for a fee.
  • Always cut out the outline of the pattern oversize.  allow 1/16 to 1/8th"  because weird things happen sometimes the side pressure on the blade or the grain will bend the blade and make a vertical taper cut.
  •  If you undercut the pattern, you might come up with a skinny santa to get proportions right in compensating
  •  In the first picture you might notice, the front view and side view are not the same height, i had to compensate, and cut off the top of the pattern to get the nose to come to the same height as side view.. this has to be done to some patterns
  •  Save all the scraps!, the 4 views 2 front and 2 side views can be shallow carved and turned into fridge magnets or santa shirt pins,, 4 scraps from the corners can be sent to tom h. he will find something to make out of them... grin!


Marcia said...

Thank you Thomp for that informative Tuturial! I'm glad your doing the same as Tom on these.. I can finally watch these slides better then a youtube!


Thomp said...

Your welcome Marcia,
Thanks for commenting thats my pay and all i need...
I got the know how to do these things, hope im getting the meaning through all this technology
and share methods freely to the folks that dont understand the complications
me and tom just ask you comment if you like what were doing here,,,

Anonymous said...

love em , but i am still working on the 1 part of the civil was guy,
i hurry , i will hurry.

Hal in Seattle said...

Great job , i'm sure it will help those who haven't cut out a bandsaw blank before. I wish i had seen this years ago before i did my 1st one ( trial & error).

Thanks !!

Thomp said...

Thanks all who has commented, hope this little basic demonstration helps someone get over the hurdle,

this far with 13 views i dont guess anyone has tried this method..

let me know what i might be able to illustrate or elaborate for you in the future, cuz im running low on project ideas that can be done in slides,,

My questions to you...
is there any problems with the slides, are they long enough? is the writing to big or dark....