Thursday, September 3, 2009


OK! Lets hear from you Followers! Leave a comment! Tell us about yourself. Tell us what you would like to see here. Or just say HI! Let us know you're out there!


uvawyo said...

Hi, My name is Herb and I have been whittling regularly for a little over a year now. I like to carve caracatures in the flat plane style.
I like the quick tutorials. I cannot think of any improvements you can make to this blog just keep on keepin on

Robert Cahill said...

Hello all,
I'm Robert and have been whittling for awhile. I like caricature carving especially in the Jack Price style and also flat plane carving.Just rejoined a carving club so hopefully my carving will improve. I also like all the quick carvings and especially the study stick on santas.Excellent site it would be hard to improve. Perhaps some study sticks on eyes another on noses, etc.
My knives that I won are great and were much admired in the carving club I just joined They are great for the little guys.
Computer is still down so I am at the library and can only check in occassionaly anymore

Larry Marshall said...

Hi Tom,
Love the blog and I apologize for not being more active in this comments section. I've gone through some surgery stuff that's sort of put me 'way behind' in a lot of areas and my 'wet-behind-the-ears' carving attempts have been relegated to the end of the 'do it' line right now.

I will mention that I think a lot more than 43 people are following your blog. That Blogspot 'followers' stuff doesn't capture anyone who doesn't 'become' a follower but most (including me) just follow the RSS feed.

Thanks for all your hard work and insights.

Cheers --- Larry

cobra4246 said...

Hi My name is Andy I live in NEPA
I am new to carving. I have found a lot of good information on this blog. I am hoping to be as well almost as good as you.

Dougie said...

My name is Doug Davison and live in Niagara Falls Ontario Canada.
I carve mostly santas and have been doing a few Golf Ball Carvings. I just got back into it around new years after a 23 year layoff due to health problems.
I would like to see a Santa Golf Ball tutorial.
You have a great informative Blog here and I can only say keep up the good work.
Doug Davison

Ed Hulett said...

Hi, Tom and Thomp, my name is Ed Hulett and I live in Lakewood, Washington (~40 miles south of Seattle) and I've whittled off and one since I was just a kid, but only took up carving seriously in the last year or so.

Your blog is fantastic. I really can't think of any improvements, but keep up the poor boy tutorials as they are very easy to follow.

Keep up the great work.


wdcvr said...

Hi Thanks for what you are doing here! I have been carving for a while, but that doesn't mean that I am not still learning. I am about to teach Wood carving merit badge to some Boy Scouts, so what you have here will be a big help to me.

Hal in Seattle said...

I've been carving for 15 years , and have been lucky enough to have carved with Gil Drake of Drake Knives , Dick Weber and Wayne Gunderson some very good North West carvers. But i am still learning and this is as good a place as any to begin.
Tom and Thomp do a great job and my only question is there a way beginners or any one can post pictures of there work and progress or do they have to go through you guys to get them posted.

Hal in Seattle

Thomp said...

your previous request was lost in the confusion not for gotten,
we been working on this, and it
seams all photos and movies posted on the blog owners picasa it will be a little more difficult to post pictures of members carvings, at this time.

I sorely hate this limitation and i am working on a work around this limitation,
I really do want to see everybody's carvings the old saying,
"a picture is worth a thousand words" or cuts in this instance.

but the only work around i see is the member to join picasa, pic trail or other image hosting site and send us the address of the picture

picasa gives you 1 gig of free storage space, any picture that is posted to this blog has to be hosted on the blog owners picasa or it has to be posted through a link to another photo host.

currently my picasa is full, and i dont want to loose the pictures that are stored there...
extra storage space at cost, is an option but its sure to be forgotten and the photos would be lost.

any better ideas are welcome.

Buckboard WoodWorks said...

Hi Guys, it's not exactly Thursday. I am just early for the next one.

My real a.k.a. is Frank and I am smack in the middle of flown over Oklahoma. A few of you maybe familiar with me via the Mini-Cane exchanges hosted by Mr. Tom H.

I have been piddling at whittling for about 2 years now. My goal is to get to working in the round.

On with the adventure and thank you fellas for a great blog site.