Thursday, October 15, 2009


ATTENTION: Carving swap FOR WHO: Followers of Beginning Carvers Corner BY WHO: Beginners Carvers Corner (Thomp & Tom H) WHAT IT IS: We will pair up interested followers. Each member of the pair will complete a carving and mail it to their swap partner. HOW IT WORKS: If you are a follower and are interested just let us know. If you are not a follower, become a follower. You will have to let us know your name, address, and e mail address. Absolutely no Anonymous! We will make up the pairs, and send the names and addresses out. TIME FRAME: If you are interested, you must let us know by Halloween (Oct. 31, 2009) . The carvings must be completed and mailed during the week of: Dec. 1, 2009. This gives you one (1) month to complete the carving. CARVINGS: The carvings must be in good taste, can be any style, painted or natural, and should take between 2 and 8 hours to complete. They must be signed and dated. TWIST: This swap will also be a contest. To become considered in the drawing, You will want to take and send us a photo of your carving. We will post the photos and everyone can vote for their favorite. The follower who receives the most votes will win this hand made Straight razor carving knife. (cherry rough out) (Lace wood rough / detail) Knife Specs: 2 vintage German straight razor reground into professional quality woodcarving knives, one larger detail knife and one rough out knife. 1st place chooses among 2 knives, 2nd place will get the 2nd knife... CAUTION: If you sign up for this swap, you are obligating yourself to complete and send a carving to your swap partner. Failure to complete and mail a carving to your swap partner is an extremely serious matter. In most Internet swaps such an offender is referred to as a "Flake", as in flaked out. Some swaps take this so serious, that they have taken extreme steps to ensure that all participants complete the swap. Specially trained teams of thugs with secret cells in every state may be called in to "thump" the offending "Flake". REMEMBER: All you have to do to be a part of this swap is be a follower, and tell us you want to participate, and send us the required information.


Hal in Seattle said...

i'm in
Hal Allen
20301 21st Ave NE
Shoreline , Wa 98155

bill said...
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sccarnes55 said...

count me in , like the way that wood looks in the handle,

Thomp said...

Hey folks!!

get started dont wait till the last minuet to start carving, these knives are great carving tools, i'v carved with them and hate to part with them, but my knife rack is getting full....

sccarnes55 said...

forgot address,
sam carnes
2 turnberry lane
so who is my partner?
kind of like to know, might use the location to inspire my carving.

display name said...

scarver's in

santacarver (at)

Kent Perry
427 Champions Dr
Georgetown, TX 78628