Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Hang In There Folks!

Hang in there folks. Ol' Thomp is in the hospital, and I'm buried in work. I am putting the finishing touches on the Cheetah carving with a rotary tool, tutorial. It's all most ready. I did get hijacked into helping clean the house for the Thanksgiving "feast". Shopping, Dayton Carving show, demonstrations at the gift shop, plus a couple of commissions; took up more time than I thought they would. But all that is over now. Well not the commissions! We'll get Thomp out of the hospital and back to his computer we'll be alright. Thanks for hanging in there. Tom H


Marcia said...

I'm not only hanging, I'm saying a prayer for Thomp too! I'll bet the Thanksgiving meal in hospital aint near as good as one at home..ick. Anyone say "Turkey in a bag?" blah..

How are you liking using power for carving? It sure makes a bit more dust huh? I started out with a dremel, and will use it very seldom, and now I much prefer using a knife for many reasons.

Thanks for the heads up on Thomp.


Ed Hulett said...

No hurry, Tom. We know you are busy and Thomp is laid up. Take your time and tel ol' Thomp to get better soon cuz we miss his wit and wisdom.

Have a happy T-day.

Hal in Seattle said...

Its a busy time of year, so we understand, main thing is for OL Thomp to get better and get back home. Just want to wish you & yours and OL Thomp a Happy Thanksgiving and becareful carving
the Bird!

diy said...

I wish Thom a speedy recovery.

Anonymous said...

tell the ole cajin repobait, i have to go before he do,
so he is covered for a spell,
thanks for whay you do, you and thomas have been a great help to this ole hacker,
take your time and have fun as usual.
happy thanksgiving to all

Robert Cahill said...

No Hurry.
Just let Thomp know we are thinking of him and he is in our prayers . Hope he is feeling better

Thomp said...

Hey all, Im back in spirit but not got all my facilitates back yet...

taking that sugar down from 6-- to 135 in a week sure knocked the spring out of my step, but it was my fault for letting it get away...

thanks for all the well wishes and good hopes!

maybe ill get some more collected soon and start to contribute some again,

my thanks goes to tom h. for keeping thes site togather while i was in the worst of it in the last few weeks..

oh if the guy posting in Asian is offended in me deleting his posts... sorry i couldn't find anywhere to translate it with the blog. please write in English///

Tom H said...

You all might want to ask Ol' Thomp why is considerin a sexual harrassment charge again some of the nurses at the hospital.

Gene said...

Thomas .. you tough ole bird .. I know your making it through .. Prayers are going out .. Tom wont be able to do it without you .. so get well soon