Monday, December 7, 2009

This Time of Year! Busy Busy Busy!

Sorry there's not more activity being posted by Thomp and me. This time of year, I know we all get bogged down in all kinds of stuff to do. Ol' Thomps recovering well, but I am sure his eyes are still a bit "googley", and his energy level probably still sucks. But hes got a good excuse. Me, my energy level sucks cause I'm old and lazy. At least that's what my wife thinks. And, I still think that this time of year kinds collapses in on its self. What I mean is that the time between Thanksgiving and Christmas gets shorter and shorter as we get older. Now its down to just several weeks. I also think that there are 2 Fridays in each week. It seems every time I look up it's Friday. I still have no idea what I am getting wife and other folks for Christmas. Glad my wife takes care of shopping for the kids and grand kids. I do have a whole bunch of folks to get carvings done for. Just little things, but they do take time. Enough of me making excuses for the poor showing of new items on the blog. I will try to get moving.....soon! BAH HUMBUG!.......................................................Merry Christmas (really)


Hal in Seattle said...

We understand to much happening and not enough time to do it. The snow around Gnomey is that recent?
Keep up the good work!

Tom H said...

We don't get that much snow here all winter....LOL, just a photo.

Marcia said...

Merry Christmas back to you Tom! And to you too Thomp! I hope your feeling better each day.

As for a good Christmas present Tom... coupons for massages, manicures or to Bed and Bath are wonderful ideas. *grin*


Gene said...

Tom ... its a hurry up and get going time .. we all understand the lack of time and activity both