Monday, September 27, 2010

Ross Oar Pocket Knives.

Ordered and received a new Ross Oar pocket knife. The new knife is the two blade Oar detail pocket knife. The new knife is the second Oar pocket carving knife that I have. The first one is the single blade lockback knife. This single blade lockback is by far my favorite knife. This is probably because I carry it with me, and use it the most. I did not always like this knife. It wasn't until I sent it to Rick at LITTLE SHAVERS to tune up and sharpen, that it would even carve. I have broken the tip off twice, when using it to carve a harder wood than Basswood.
My new two blade OAR CARVER, is billed as a detail carving knife. It, like the single blade came with the factory edge. The factory edge consists of (in my opinion) an extra bevel. This extra bevel must be removed to create the flat blade profile that most Basswood carvers like/use. So don't waste your money having the knife sharpened at the point of purchase. The blade will still have that bevel.
Both of these pocket knives are fine knives. The following is a comparison, from my point of view.
1. Single blade lockback is more comfortable in the hand.
2. Single blade lockback is lighter to use.
3. Single blade lockback has a 1 1/4" blade
4. Two blade non lockback has an 1 5/8" blade and a 1" blade
5. The 1 5/8" blade is very thin at the point, and I like it.
6. The blade profile of the 1" blade is not to my liking. The blade is thicker, and the tip not as pointed as the longer blade.
7. Both blades are D2 tool steel and very good at keeping an edge.
8. The non lockback knife seems to be ok when carving, but one must pay attention when sharpening on a stone and stropping; to be sure it does not close.
9. The single blade knife is 5 years old, and I just got the two blade model. The fit and finish on the older one is better than the newer on (course they might be the same age).
The main improvement I will make is to reshape the smaller of the two blades on the newer knife. Since I carve small. I need the knife tip to be thin and narrow to remove the small chips that define the eyes in the small carving. Others my find no problems at all with the knife once the blade is ground flat and sharpened.


Hal in Seattle said...

It sounds like the bad out weighs the good for the new knife, had you known this before you bought it, would you still have purchased it??
Just curious!

Tom H said...

Yep, I like the steel that is used. But if I could have one one, It'd be the single blade lockback one.

Ivars Day said...

Great knife! I put it into my wish list, maybe some day I will get two or maybe all Ross Oar carvers. Now I just use old Boker congress knife with reshaped blades. Works good for me for 15$ :D

Ivars Day said...

I love Ross Oar carvers, they are great knives and all on my wish list :D I hope to get them all one beautiful day. Now I carv using an old Boker congress with 4 reshaped blades. Knife carvs good, no problems, but handle could be better. So thats why I would like to get Ross Oar carvers.