Friday, January 14, 2011

NO Blockhead Here!

One of the first things that a newer carver is told is to keep their first carvings. We're told to keep them and compare later carvings and see the improvements. Here's an earlier Elf I carved. What can we learn from it now? When I carved it, I carved and I carved, and finished it. Thought it was OK. But look at it! It's still square. It's still a block of wood. What was wrong with my eyes then? I am sure my untrained eyes thought it was rounded like a face/head should kinda be.
Lesson to be learned: As a newer carver, when you think you're done carving a head; stop and look at the carving. Is it still square? Look at the arms on your carving. Are they still square or flat. Look in the mirror. Is your head square? When I had hair, I had a flattop haircut, and maybe my head looked kinda square. You get the idea. Get rid of the square head by carving a bit more to make it more realistic. Then stop and look at it might still be square.....

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