Thursday, April 14, 2011

Power Carving In the Wind!

I just solved the problem of the dust from "carving" with a Dremel. First you find a beach, a nice beach on the gulf. Next, place yourself so the wind blows the dust away from you. This works best when the breezes are between 20 and 35 mph. I wonder if this will work as well here at home, with no gulf and no beach? I do have a river.



I have (and had one at the old house) a bench table outside next to the shop and when I am working on something that is to large for the indoor dust collector.. I take my Foredom holder and mount it on the tabe and use a window fan I bought just for that reason.. and it takes care of the sawdust..

Anonymous said...

beautiful tom , where is that?
cheap poewer too,

Tom H said...

Sam, the house is in Indian Pass, on the gulf of Mexico, Florida panhandle area. They call that part of Florida, "The Forgotten Coast".