Thursday, April 28, 2011

Receiving a Carving As A Gift!

Over the past several years I have been blessed with quite a few wood carvings as gifts. Many of these carvings were the result of participating in swaps and exchanges; but I still think of them as gifts. Naturally, the wood carvings cover the full spectrum of hand work. Some are very simple, whiles other are very elaborate. And some are quite amateurish, while some are spectacular. But each and every one was hand made by someone, and given. Even the most amateurish as well as the most professional represent some ones time and willingness to share. Each carving involved the results of a carvers journey towards excellence. Each carving took time to produce. And if time is a measure to be honored, then quite likely the more amateur carvings took the giver more time to produce then what a more accomplished carver may have taken. So if we ever think that a gifted wood carving is a wee bit amateurish, remember that the carver may have taken time away from loved ones to carve the piece. This beginner carver will one day be an accomplished wood carver; and you have one of his/her early carvings. I treasure each wood carving that I receive as a gift.



I too have received many small gifts over the years.. from Tom H as well as Jack Price..Claude and total strangers.. and I have carved 100's of little ornaments, 3 min owls and NOTHINGS and given them to clerck's at the store / lab tect's /banks /waiting rooms to crying kids..nurses, aids..and strangers that hold a door open for me. You name it. Plus my doctors. Receiving is fun BUT giving feels even better..
Have a nice day

Tom H said...

Will, Your gift pieces are right front and center at my house. I refer to them many times when whittling. You're the best, and you are absolutely right about giving.