Saturday, April 9, 2011

Whittlin Harmony #6 Sequencing Cuts

If you have progressed beyond whittlin sharp points on a stick you could benefit from thinking about the sequence of cuts before you start making any cuts. The ol' stories about painting ones self into the corner or building a boat in the basement apply to whittlin and carvin too. Here's some things to think about: Before you make any cuts in the wood, try to visualize what the completed piece will look like. If carving /whittlin in the round, make a few reference cuts to get the over all proportions correct (head, shoulders, waist, hips knees, etc.). If carving/whittlin in the round, before you make any cut it might help to start thinking about all cuts being accomplished in pairs (2). You make a cut to define one side of the nose, make the same cut to define the other side of the nose. This will help with symmetry. As you make cuts, begin to think ahead about the next cuts. Kinda like playing chess. There is a sequence to whittlin/carving anything. And each time you whittle/carve a figure, you will discover the better sequence of steps.

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