Monday, May 16, 2011

Art Festivals, Shows, Sales!

Arts festivals can be fun! A lot of work, but they can be fun. The art festival that I participated in this past weekend was kinda fun. There were about 170 participant/vendors. It's a good thing that I go in with a friend to share expenses. Not only did it rain. Let me correct that statement. Not only did it storm, but the temperature dropped 15 degrees in 30 minutes. About 6 vendors tents collapsed with the weight of water pooling on the tops.
But as you can see fun was still had. This bag of kettle corn was just about as tall as the little girl eating from it.
Sales were off this year. No trouble making expenses, and then some. But the price of gasoline and the times made it tougher. I don't do this for the money, but you gotta make expenses and then some. This is what I offered: Santa and Gnome pins, Noah's Arks, and Flip toys. The Flip toys were the surprise sellers at $10. I treat this event as advertising for the Noah's Arks. Folks can see them up close and personal. I did get two special orders for Arks. But the best thing is giving a carving to the kids that seem interested. Even with the poor weather, empty pocket books, and the long hours I still had a great time meeting folks and sharing with the kids.
So, if you are considering going this route; do it with the idea of meeting folks, sharing your passion for carving, and selling enough to meet your expenses and then maybe a little more.....You won't be disappointed.

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