Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Carving By Thomas Perrin

Thomas Perrin and I started this Blog as a way to pass information on to wood carvers, both new and experienced. Ol' Thomp as he was affectionately called like to tell folks that he "Tom Sawyered" me into co-authoring the Blog. I keep it up out of respect for Thomas. Not too long ago Thomas passed away, and the wood carving community lost a great mentor and I lost a great friend. Thomp didn't share a lot of photos of his carvings. I wanted to share a photo of a "shelf-sitter" that he carved and sent to me. All I did was ask him about nose carving for a wizard. This carving resides on top of my computer screen. Every time I look at it I marvel at the detail Thomas achieved. Whenever I say anything about knowing and mastering your tools this is what I mean. Ol' Thomp mastered the tools that he used.


hwallen48 said...


I have a Link to his Picasa Web Album if you don't have it, lots of pictures. Let me know.


Tom H said...

Thanks Hal, I've got the link!