Thursday, August 18, 2011

Help For Those Of Us Who Can't Say NO!

Are you being overwhelmed by an ever increasing amount of carvings to complete, because some asked you for one?  Are you too involved with local, state or national organizations? As an officer? Are you exhibiting in too many woodcarving shows?  Are you giving too many presentations?  Do you just say yes, way too many times?

I am drafting a new part of the bankruptcy law.  Traditional bankruptcy comes under either Chapter 7 (Liquidation) or Chapter 13 (Reorganization).  My proposal for a Chapter 365 requires neither liquidation nor reorganization.  Chapter 365 starts with an admission that the filer says he/she has said they will carve something for someone, participate in some event, carve 24 ornaments for an exchange, serve as an officer in a carving club (or any other organization), or just plain anything that you have said YES to.

Chapter 365 will absolve one of the need to complete whatever one has said YES to.  Chapter 365 does not require any reasons for a successful filing.  Chapter 365 offers a chance to get out from under the crushing demands resulting from the inability to say NO.  The only stipulation one has in regard to Chapter 365 is that it can only be used six (6) times in any one calendar year.

This chapter of the bankruptcy law will carry no stigma relating to a lack of skill, talent, responsibility, nor honor; merely a lack in the ability to say NO.

Do I get any support for this?

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nateelarton said...

Pretty funny and creative way to look at it.