Saturday, September 17, 2011

Band Saw Scraps!

When ever I attend a carving roundup, or other carving event where carving blanks and cutouts are created; the first thing I check is the band saw area.  I check the ground/ floor around the saw, and the scrap barrel near it.  This usually yields enough Basswood for many whittlings.

The scraps at the left were harvested at the Evart Michigan Round up this year.  I don't remember how many I picked up, but it was around one dozen.  With very little imagination one can come up with an idea for a whittled or carved object.  In this case it is a Christmas tree ornament.  The ornament is five to six inches long and 3/4 to one inch wide at the widest part.  Call me cheap, but it can be the difference between the burn barrel or a whittling or a carving.  I'll take the whittling/carving every time.


hwallen48 said...

right on Tom, i to have done that Great tip for the Gang!!

Tom H said...

Would it be in poor form to ask others to barrel dive for me, when I cannot be
at an event?

hwallen48 said...

No not at all, as long as they get some for them selves and share with you!!