Thursday, September 22, 2011

Whittlin and Coffee!

Those that have read this blog for some time know that I eat my breakfast at a diner in town.  I also whittle during this daily breakfast time.  I can get away with this, in part, because when one whittles or carves small there's not much mess.

Seeing that Christmas is creeping up, it's time to whittle some simple and fast Santa pins.
I start out with a 3/8 inch piece of Basswood and set the table saw blade to 45 degrees, and rip strips of wood.  I next cut the strips of wood into 4 inch pieces.  These 4 inch pieces offer me a "handle" as I whittle 3 or 4 small Santa's.  After whittling the Santa's I cut them off from the 4 inch piece.  Some will get a textured beard, some won't.  I purchase the earring backs separate in packages from Hobby Lobby.  Instead of using the standard earring posts, I use thumb tacks.  Thumb tacks have points that will pierce fabric.  Epoxy the flats of the thumb tacks to the back of the Santa.  Next decide how you want to finish the Santa.  You can paint the whole pin, paint just the hat, or leave it natural or stained.

I have found that many folks prefer these small Santa pins to the larger ones.  I've had them used as tie tacs, lapel pins, and on hats.  I can usually get 2 or 3 whittled during coffee - unless we're talkin politics.  Then the fellers don't like to see a knife in my hand.


Ed Kantola said...

I like carving some things and this looks like fun.

Tom H said...

Thanks for leaving the comment Ed. These are fun, and to me they are relaxing and calming to do.