Sunday, December 18, 2011

Lap Board

The weather might have already forced some carvers inside.  Others might be putting on the extra layer of clothes because their carving area is getting colder as the seasons change.  But, there are others of us who may want to move our carving indoors to the kitchen, family room, or living room.   If we move indoors to a living area, we may need to come up with a way to control the wood chips.  I have seen all kinds of way to do this.  Aprons with huge pockets, tarps on the floor, or pieces of plywood laying on ones lap.  This style of lap board/bench is the best I've seen.   And as you see it is in the living area of the house.

One of the unique design elements of this lap bench is the sides that fit over your thighs.  This feature enables you to control the lap board, and keep it from moving around.  I use this lap bench at shows and when demonstrating.  It works really great on my lap when I sit in a folding chair (it stays where you want it to).

Measurements:  Top is 24 inches left to right, at front; tapered to 20 inches, while being 12 1/2 inches deep.  The board is 6 1/2 inches high.  Some of these boards have carpeting cut and fit to the under side that rests on your lap.

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