Monday, January 9, 2012

Getting Ready For Eye Lessons

This is the week for me to start focusing on carving realistic eyes.  My goal is to be able to carve realistic eyes with the knife only.  To begin this learning I am preparing several carvings that are set up for eyes, but without much eye prep done.  I'll just rough out some Santa's without the eyes.  The first photo shows what I'll start with.  I'll have several additional blanks prepared.

The second photo is an example of part of a study stick on carving eyes.  This stick was used as an attempt to teach me how to carve the eye.  It never made sense to me, to carve an eye on the corner of a piece of wood.  More than one instructor that I know teaches eye carving like this.  Needless to say - I never learned.

The key for me to learn, is to carve as many sets of eyes as possible under the guidance of a real pro.  Practice, practice, practice.  More later!

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Bruutmans said...

Hi Tom,

Looks great again.
I like the exercise of the Santa`s. Verry usefull.
I`m doing ball in cage as a exercise. My exercise is : not being so rough. The smaller the work the faster i break it. So ball in cage is a nice one for the four corner-poles (or how do you call it).

And i ripped out the blade last night. Really wonderfull,at first i broke the tip. But i corrected that one,the knife got a little smaller,but that`s it. And after that i tor out the blade! Put it back together a little too fast,now the blade sticks out a little,but the glue is allready hardened! Arghh! And a new lesson learned there,never use fast glue. ;)

Kind regards Dries