Friday, January 13, 2012

Roughing Out For the Eye!

This posting is liable to be kinda fast, choppy, and disorganized.  I will attempt to explain and show what I want to change in my carving of a face - specifically more realistic eyes.  At the present the eyes that I carve in the faces are lacking the realistic detail.  They are really painted on a kinda flat surface, as evident in the following photo.  My effort maybe complicated, because I want to use only a knife.
In addition to being flat, these eyes lack any detail of an eye lid.   In order to "rough out" the eye area in preparation for the realistic eye, with just a knife,  I'll have to make a cut that will leave more wood for the eye and the lid.

Notice that the top of the eye orbit has been cut straight in (perpendicular to the surface), with a wedge of wood removed to create the eye area.

My first challenge is to change the way I create this eye area.
My next posting will attempt to illustrate how I plan to do this.

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