Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Whittling The Wee Leprechaun #4

I'd better quit while I'm somewhat even.  If I did much more "cleaning" on this whittling, people might accuse me of slippin someone else's carving in. I'll now take a wood burner and burn a line between the colors, so they won't bleed from one to the other.  Then, I'm going to say it's ready to paint.

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Bruutmans said...

Hi there Tom,

Thanks for this magnificent explanation and pictures for the leprechaun.
My back is playing games with me.
So i haven`t been able to start yet.
And i didn`t have a small saw to cut the piece. I have a bandsaw and that one is too big.
But!! Today i`m going for a small tablesaw (fretsaw/jigsaw).
Bought it from the internet.
When my back is less hurtfull and i can mannage to sit for some time,i will surely give it a shot.

Best regards Dries