Friday, February 10, 2012

Knife cuts for new carvers

Some questions periodically are asked about making clean knife cuts.  These questions are asked by newer wood carvers, after being less than satisfied with their first or nearly first carvings.  I have made the following observations:  Newer carvers usually make cleaner cuts when making a straight cut.  When newer carvers attempt to make a curved or arc cut they are fuzzy and messy.  This may be the result of many things, including trying to copy a well carved piece before they are experienced enough to achieve the desired results.
To counter this problem I suggest that newer carvers use straight stop cuts before attempting the curved ones.  It is easier to carve a face using only straight cuts.  The results of the straight cuts will be a "flat plane" like carving.  This is a likely result of a face carved with only straight knife cuts.

For the next few posting I'll focus on using the carving knife to achieve these straight stop cuts and relieving the wood up to the straight stop cuts.

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