Saturday, February 25, 2012

March 2012 - Happenings!

My postings in March might be few, some, or lots.  Don't know!  You see I am presently packing up my pocket knife, strop, and lots of Basswood and headin for the Gulf of Mexico.  The Florida Panhandle to be more precise.  And to be really precise; Indian Pass.  That's a bit down the coast from Port St. Joe.

Had my feet in the Gulf when I took this photo.  The house is kind of remote.  No condos.  No high rises.  About 10 miles from town.  I plan to get lots of whittlin done.  I have an Arts Festival when I return home, and need to have some Noah's Arks and the whittled animal pairs.  Am taking 40 pairs of animals (blanks/cut-outs) to carve.  I'll do lots of Santa's, Gnomes, and anything else that strikes my fancy.  Course I'll have my camera, and I'll get some pictures to post up. 
Here's one photo, as a preview.  While I said that the beach house was kinda remote, it's not all by itself down there.  About 1/4 mile down the road is the Indian Pass Raw Bar.  This is one of the best places for fresh shrimp and oysters there is.  This is a local hangout, and really laid back.  The cold beer is on the honor system, and the main  menu is steamed shrimp and oysters, and a seafood gumbo.  You'll find me there at about 3PM every day, sippin some cold beer and tastin some steamed shrimp.  Oh! and of course whittlin.

I got three more days to get stuff together.  This is what I have so far that's ready to go.  It's probably enough, but I am sure I'll squeeze more wood in. 

I am looking forward to this time, and have plans to assemble some more step-by-step postings, for the beginner and intermediate whittler.

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Bruutmans said...

I wish you a good times in the Gulf Tom. enjoy it!

Greets Dries