Friday, March 9, 2012

Florida Day 8

Whittling in the sun is great!  No where I have to be is great!  A sharp knife is Great!  Put them all together and you can surely have some fun.  Since I whittle small stuff, I like to carry a completed piece or two in my pocket when I go out.  With St Patrick's Day coming up fast, the little Leprechaun pins  can be included with a tip for especially good service at restaurants.  And as I have said before, the Leprechauns can some times be bartered for beer.  The little Gnome is destined for a different kind of adventure.  I like to hide a Gnome in the Beach House that we lease, and leave a note, for the next family, explaining what I've done.  Since the beach house is large, it is leased by families, and surely some kids can have some fun looking for the hidden Gnome.

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