Friday, April 6, 2012

Making A Pattern!

When I have a carving that I want to make a pattern from, I use a copy machine.  The dolphin relief carving needs a pattern.  I need the pattern, because I'll not have the actual carving for long.
I will use a copy machine with 11 x 17 inch paper, and make three separate passes.  Place the carving on the machine and make three separate copies.  Pass one will be the left third of the carving, pass two the middle, and pass three the right third of the carving.  Move the carving for each pass.
After you match the three parts of the carving, tape and trim them; then glue the pattern to a piece of card board and cut the pattern out.
At this point, I like to use a black marker, and mark where the stop cuts will be, and shade the areas where wood is to be removed to the stop cuts.  I also like to mark where the dolphins are rounded.  What I am doing is to show where the "overs and unders" are.  For this I use the actual carving.  Add any other notes or directions that will be needed to complete the carving without the benefit of the actual carving as a "go by".

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