Sunday, August 12, 2012

Knife Check!

A pause in completing the Standing Santa.  I noticed that the blade point was getting rounded.
One should get into the habit of inspecting your carving knife on a regular basis.  The knifes cutting edge and the point will constantly change when using and stropping.  I have developed the habit of stropping my knife after I use it for a while and before I put it back into my pocket.  But I am not as good with checking the blade point.  What starts out as a real point can and will become rounded in time.  When this happens, it's difficult to remove small chips cleanly.  Seems there is always some wood left in the corner, where the chip is removed.  Kinda reminds my of why cowboy boots are pointed.  With the pointed boots, it's easier to crush bugs that run into a corner.....

When "re-pointing" a blade, I use a diamond "stone".  Lightly pull the top of the blade point across the "diamond stone", rocking it up to re-establish a point.  This may take several trips across the "diamond stone".
Once the point is re-established you can hone and/or strop the blade  to the necessary sharpness at the point.

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