Saturday, September 8, 2012

Learning - To Carve

Ever since I started to whittle and carve, I've heard some carvers say that they were self taught.  Some say it like it's a bad thing.  I've heard some say that you always run the risk of "learning" the "incorrect" carving techniques when self taught.  And some say it's always harder to "unlearn" a bad habit learned when self taught.  While there is some truth to the above, it's not so bad to be self taught.

When I was a very young kid I discovered an old flashlight battery and a flashlight bulb.  I ended up taping a wire to the battery in such a way that I could make the light bulb light up.  You'd have thought I discovered electricity.  A much bigger thrill was realized when I made a crystal radio.  Did I have a teacher, no.  Did I have written instructions, no.

More recently, when carving I get a big charge when I "discover" how to achieve a specific "look" in a carving with my pocket knife.  When I stop to remember, I can recall many times when teaching myself to carve, the thrill of learning a new technique.   No instructor! No written instructions!  Just me being self taught.

So! I am self taught.  I am still learning.  Which means I am still some times teaching myself.  It also means that I am still thrilled when I discover how to do something new.   I hope you are too.

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