Friday, October 19, 2012

Beginner Class

Several of us from a carving group decided that we wanted to conduct some beginners classes in wood carving.  We decided that the classes must be in the evenings after younger folks get home from work.  The classes were held at 6 PM on a week day night until 8 PM, and ran for 6 weeks.  There were 11 in the beginners in-the-round class, and 3 in the relief class.   The classes were sponsored by the Preservation Parks System in the county and were held in one of their buildings.  The classes were free, but the beginners tools had a charge of $45.  The beginners tools consisted of a bench knife, carving glove, thumb protector, strop, compound, and the Basswood necessary for the projects.The following pictures are of the projects that were used, and some of the class members.  All in all it was a success.  One of the fellows got so involved that he made some knives too.  The photos do not represent all of the projects done, only those that were on the tables the last night of class.

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