Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Back from Thanksgiving in CA

Back from California, and ready to get to some serious whittling and stuff.  But first,  why I hate to fly.  This was the first time I have flown since 9/11.  Before 9/11 I flew all the time, and enjoyed it.  Not this time!  Here's why:
1.  Other people have out grown the seat space, and the airlines do not make them purchase two seats.
2.  Airlines charge me $25 each for two checked bags.
3.  One of the checked bags had stuff stolen from it.
4.  Wife was patted down at air port.
5.  Airport was under construction and their was a quarter mile walk from plane to terminal, with no assistance available.
6.  Airplane had mechanical problems that at least they caught, but changed the departure gate from D22 to A 30.  At lease a mile away.
7.  Replacement airplane had DUCTAPE on trailing edge of wing heat boot.
Regarding stuff stolen from checked bag: US Air Ways not responsible for any thing of value, that was in a checked bag.  They will however replace your underwear if it gets stolen.

If there was a bright side, it gave me time to think of some items to post here, in the next few days.  

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