Sunday, December 9, 2012

Snap Toy!

I have no idea what this toy/puzzle is called.

 I do know that  several years ago a wood carver had one and asked if I could insert the plunger into one end and "hook" the rubber band that was in the plunger.  I said, "sure"!  That's where the fun started - for him.  I tried and tried, but could never "hook" the rubber band.  But every time the wood carver did it he could hook the rubber band, as was evidenced by him pulling the plunger out and having it snap back in.  I never did figure it out.  Someone took pity on me and showed me the secret.

I was impressed. But I thought the "toy" was kind of plain and could use some redesign.  Instead of the plain wood toy, I carved a Wizard, drilled a hold through him and attached the plunger (dowel) to the Wizards hat.  I added a piece of rubber band and there you have it.

I'll not tell the secret to this toy-puzzle in this posting.  I may in a future post.  But I am sure some of you know the toy/puzzle and the way to make it work.

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