Thursday, January 24, 2013

New Practice for Beginners and the Rest of Us.

I am trying to come up with some practice items that will enable us to work on some knife carving techniques.  I am thinking about some items that we can practice specific knife cuts as well as whittling/carving techniques on.  The first item will be whittling a round 1/2 inch ball.  I'll post this in the next several days.
Meanwhile if anyone has any ideas for similar items leave em in a comment and I'll work them up.    Thanks!


Robert Cahill said...

Hi Tom,
Not sure if this is what you are interested in. I sometimes carve a wooden hen egg. Try to get it smooth and when it is finished you can carve it into a dog a face or a lot of different things. I also saw where a donut was a good carving project. never tried that one

Tom H said...

Thanks Robert, The skills to do the hen egg are quite similar to the ball, but still a bit different. The donut sounds like fun. I'll see what can come of it. Thanks.
Tom H

Anonymous said...

I've started whittling mushrooms to improve my knife skills. Plus, mushrooms allow the carver to use whatever piece of wood they have available; as mushrooms come in all sizes and shapes. Hope this helps.

Tom H said...

Jason, What a great idea. There are lots of different mushrooms, which one(s) are you carving?