Sunday, February 17, 2013

Power carving the Mini Horse PART 2

For a few postings I'll be showing in a step-by-step fashion, how I shape an animal with the power rotary tool and sanding drum and sleeve.  Remember, to control the sanding dust to the extent that you are not breathing it.  In the summer, I do this outside and let the wind take the dust away from me.  While inside, I carve over a screened end down draft of my shop dust removal system.  I am using a 1/2 inch sanding drum and sleeve.  Some might prefer a 3/8 inch sanding drum and sleeve.

Step 1 involves isolating the horses head by letting the sanding drum narrow the neck below the head.  Remember to shape both sides of the horse in the same manner.

This is what you should go for as a start to roughing in the neck.
Step 2 involves narrowing the horses head to nearly match the thickness of the neck.  I taper the head from the back to the front.
Something like this!
In step 3, begin to shape the horses front legs.  Round them off a bit.
Like this!
In this step, round off the horses back. 
This is how it might look.
Step 5 involves rounding off the horses belly.
Something like this!
In step 6, isolate the horses bobbed tail from the body, and round it over.
This is what mine looks like.
Round over the front and back of the horses rear legs.
Here's your roughed in mini horse.  In the next series of continuation steps we'll add some detail.

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sarah said...

Really cool! I just bought a dremel, and will have to give this a try someday