Saturday, February 23, 2013

Strengthening Wood

Some times when we whittle or carve wood there ends up being a part of the carving that is thin and fragile.  This is especially true when a part of the carving has the wood grain causing the weakness.  This is what happens when you carve figures with a hat and a hat brim.  Most of the time we carve the figure so that the wood grain runs from the head of the figure to the feet.  And that means that the hat brim will not only be thin, but very weak, because of the wood grain direction.
The brim on this small Leprechaun's hat will be very weak.  Since this little Leprechaun is a pin, it will certainly need the hat brim strengthened.  Before the pin is painted, apply a bead of liquid Super Glue around the brim.  I apply the glue to the bottom of the brim.  The liquid Super Glue will penetrate the wood and when set will provide the needed strength.  You can then paint.  Any part of the carving that is weak because of the grain direction and size, can be strengthened with Super Glue.  (Ears, nose, etc.)

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