Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Wood carving on Vacation

Since I'm primarily a whittler, I can and do whittle just about anywhere I find myself.  I find myself on vacation now, on the Florida panhandle on Cape San Blas.  It's cold and very windy.  By cold I mean 37 degrees with a windchill at 33 degrees, in the morning.  That's the downside, but there is an upside.  There is absolutely nothing that I have to do except whittle and carve.  There's nothing pressing like thinking that I should clean the shop, shovel snow, or any of the dozens of unending chores that await me at home.  I can, and do get lost in whittling and carving.  The following photos are some of what I've been doing.  When I get home, I'll put together a step-by-step on the earrings.  These make great little gifts...I'm doing two sets of small pairs of animals for small Noah's Arks.  One set will be painted and the other finished natural dark.  The Gnome and the leprechaun have pin backs.


Vinko Rezba said...

I like the collections of carved animals.
Well done.

Tom H said...

Thanks Vinko. You like the painted ones or the stained ones the most?