Wednesday, September 11, 2013

A Great First Knife for Beginners

Several other wood carvers and myself offer  beginner wood carving classes (six 2 hour sessions) through the local county parks.  The only cost ($45) is for a knife, glove, thumb guard, strop, compound.  We supply the wood, blanks, plans, and the instruction.   For the past several classes we used Murphy bench knives and the beginner in the carving kit.  For our latest class we supplied a knife made by BRIAN FERGUSON.  This knife is comparable in price to the Murphy knife, but that is where the similarities end.  This knife came razor sharp, and retains its edge for a lot of carving.  The blade is easy to use on the strop.  The blade seems to be more durable too.  It's a handsome knife, and has ensured a positive first wood carving experience for our beginner class.


Anonymous said...

I wanted to start my son on beginning whittling, but not in your area. Where could I purchase the $45 kit you mentioned? Do you have a website for the Brian Ferguson you mentioned regarding beginner knives? I appreciated your posts. Thanks

Tom H said...

The knife maker(Brian Ferguson)blog can be reached at

The $45 beginners tool kit was offered at LITTLE SHAVERS CARVING SUPPLY, but is no longer available.

Tom H