Saturday, December 28, 2013

Easy Fast Finish!

When I have lots of whittled pins or small items that need finish, I have several choices.  I can paint, and sometimes I do.  I can stain and/or finish natural, which I do more often.  Staining and/or finishing natural is easy and fast.  I dip!  The first thing to do for a dipped finish is to straighten out a tree ornament hanger and push one end into the piece.  This can be done easily with a pair of pliers.  Bend a loop in the other end of the wire, for hanging.
If I want some darkness to the low parts of the piece, I dip the piece into Golden Oak stain.

If I want natural, I dip the piece into brushing lacquer.

After dipping the pieces, hang them up to dry.  I also dip the stained pieces into the lacquer after they dry a bit.
Often times I'll first dip a piece into a natural stain before dipping into the lacquer.
One word of caution!  Make sure you have some ol' newspapers or paper towels under the dripping pieces.....

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