Friday, January 3, 2014

Whittling/Carving on Vacation!

The outside temperature is -8.  This is a good time to start getting some stuff ready for the migration to Florida.  I'm spending 2 months (Feb and March) in the Panhandle on Cape San Blas.  My time will be spent whittling, carving and reading.  I will need to prepare and take everything that I need to spend up to 2/3's my time whittling and carving.  All wood must be either sawn into the appropriate blanks, or other wise prepared. 

My main efforts will be to carve four sets of animals for Noah's Arks.  Each set consists of 18 pairs of animals.  That's 144 individual animals cut on the scroll saw.  I'll also scroll saw out one dozen of each of the following:  Uncle Sams, standing Gnomes,  Standing Gnomes with a beer mug, and  Standing Santa's with a beer mug.  I'll also cut out several dozen Leprechaun pins with and and without a beer mug.  And of course I'll cut many lengths of wood on the 45 degree angles for Santa ornaments to be whittled on the corner.

The secret to a successful vacation is to take the necessary carving tools, sharpening and honing gear, finishing gear, along with the prepared wood.  I cannot think of anything worse than being at a beach house and not have whittling and carving wood.  I have learned not to depend on local found wood.  I have learned to anticipate what you may need and take it.

There's a backstory to the Leprechauns.  While in Florida, Saint Patricks Day occurs.  For some reason, beer drinking, and general imbibing seem to occur on this day.  All of my Leprechauns are small pins.  These small pins are designed to be worn on bar tenders and waitresses aprons and or caps.  And, as I have discovered; can be bartered for pitchers of beer.  Need I say more!
The important message here is to be sure you take the necessary whittling and carving materials and supplies when gone for any time at all.  Two months is a long time; and translates into lots of basswood......

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