Monday, April 14, 2014

Sea Horse Earrings

A fellow I met in Florida asked if I could carve a set of sea horse earrings, that he could give to his wife.  Of course I said , "I'll give it a try".  

Here's a tip for those who may need a photo, a pattern, of any other reference to check out before carving something.  Use your computer and search for whatever object, under this title:  (Object) illustration.  I entered "Sea Horse Illustration".  When you use the word "illustration" you'll get line drawings that are easy to convert to a pattern.

These sea horse earrings are so simple and fast.  I started out cutting the profile out of 1/4" thick Basswood.  The actual carving was accomplished with a small burr in a rotary tool, and my pocket knife.
When it's necessary to carve more than one of an item, here's a simple way to duplicate the item.  It's not a rubber stamp, but dang close.  Just make a smear of paint, set the blank to be duplicated in the paint, and use it like a rubber stamp.

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wds said...

Tom that's a great tip on how to duplicate a carving blank. I'm going to have to try that.