Sunday, May 18, 2014

Christmas Tooth Pick-The Rest of The Story!

One of the reasons whittling is my choice of activities, is that I can whittle just about anywhere I find myself.  So, I whittle at the diner where I have my daily coffee and breakfast.  And I do eat out at the diner every week day.  I also whittle two Santa pins or ornaments each day while at breakfast.  Annually, this means I have several hundred Santa pins and ornaments, by Christmas.  What happens to these is another story.  Back to the rest of the story.  Several weeks ago while at the diner for coffee and breakfast the diner (for the first time in history) ran out of tooth picks.  After hearing several of the regulars voice a complaint,  I noted an opportunity.  I was already putting the finishing touches on a small Santa pin, and still had the long beard handle attached.  After about a dozen long knife cuts, the beard handle became a tooth pick.  A tooth pick with a Santa on one end.  A Christmas Tooth Pick.  This one was for me, as I had just finished some sausage and needed it.  But soon, others asked for one too. 

I sure hope the diner gets some regular tooth picks soon.