Friday, May 23, 2014

My Thoughts on Blocks, Cutouts and Roughouts

I'll start with a disclaimer!   The following are my thoughts only.  I am not suggesting that they are universally accepted.

My first thought is that the over all size that one carves may determine whether one uses a block, cutout or a roughout.  Folks that carve larger items with hand tools, I would think would be more likely to use a cutout or a roughout.  The idea being that there is more "waste" wood to remove.  This can be done by power rather than hand tools.  In fact, a roughout may be purchased with only the detail left to carve.

Folks that would rather spend their time on the carving details, may find that the roughout lets them do this.

If one would rather carve small, a small block or a small cutout would fill the bill.  A small block for a small carving.  There is less "waste" wood to remove.

If we're talking whittling, we are probably talking small blacks or cutouts, rather than larger blacks and/or roughouts.

The cost of good carving wood may point to the likelihood that one would carve smaller and use use the block or small cutout.

If a carver wants to carve larger pieces, and does not have the power band saw, they may elect to purchase a roughout.

A carver teaching wood carving may elect to have his learners use a roughout so that they can concentrate on the detail cuts rather than removing large amounts of "waste" wood.   Using roughout in a class may facilitate getting a carving competed during the class time.

There is a place for all!


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