Sunday, July 13, 2014

Whittling/Carving Tool Carrying

I am always amazed at the variety of ways that whittlers and carvers carry their tools and materials, when whittling and/or carving.  This is most evident at classes, open carving/whittling events, and round ups.  I have seen it all!  From a cigar box to elaborate stacked systems on wheels.
Tool Bucket

Wheeled Tool Tote
I've seen some wheeled totes that are made up of stackable units that reach three feet tall.   I used to carry my stuff in a over the shoulder bag.  Some times two!  You never want to be caught needing something that you didn't bring.

To me there's only one problem with these Tool Totes.  You have to carry or pull them.  And this has to be done where ever you have them.  You wouldn't want to just walk off and leave the tool tote for some one else.

My solution came when I attended a craft festival.  I noticed a fellow that was whittling, and was wearing a fishing vest.  After talking to him for a while it became obvious that he had not only what he needed to whittle in all the various pockets, but whittling blanks too.  I said that it was pretty slick, and remembered that I had an old fishing vest somewhere.  I found the vest, put it on and only then noticed how short it was.  That was when I remembered that the whittler had said that the short fishing vest was great because when you sat and whittled the vest bottom came right to your lap, which was perfect for accessing the vest pockets.

Here's what I usually put into the pockets when ever I attend an event where I'll be whittling.
Whittling blanks, pencil, super glue, jewelers pliers, extra knives, strop and compound, jewelry and ornament findings, band aides, glove, buffing brush, tinted wax.  I may add cell phone too, but it's my camera.  I've also taken a few small bottles of paint and some brushes.  Additionally, there's room for a V tool.

This works for me since I whittle (knife only-mostly), and I whittle small.

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