Saturday, November 22, 2014

Carving Sales

A new computer and Windows 8 have posed some problems for me.  These problems are mainly with my lack of computer skills. This lack of basic skill along with the new windows 8 and its complexities have forced me to learn some new things about this program and computer.  Therefore, I am treating the effort as a chance to post some new photos and present some newer things that I have done and you might find useful.

I suspect that there are some among you who generate multiple whittlings and carvings.  Those of us who keep our hands busy with a knife in one and a piece of Basswood in the other soon realize that our family and friends all have been given pieces that we have whittled and carved.  What do we do with the rest.  And what will we do with the ever increasing supply of these whittlings and carvings.  We may wish to sell them.  I am not talking about making a living with the sales of our pieces.  Maybe enough profits to expand our collection of knives, paints, wood, or any other tool additions to our hobby.

As I write this post I am one day into a two day craft sale titled CHRISTMAS FAIR in Columbus, Ohio.
My space is about 10' x 10'.  Here's a photo of my set up just prior to the doors opening.  I have two 6' tables covered with black table coverings.  Black table coverings show off the color in the whittled pieces.  The table in the foreground of the first photo has a black upright display stand with whittled earrings hung on dowel rods.  The middle of the table has picture frames with black fabric backs that display various pins.  The "tree" at the right has Santa ornaments hanging from the "limbs".

The table in the background has two small Noah's Arks and animals flanking a little house with a lighted Santa's workshop display inside.

The following photos are closer shots of the space and items for sale.

Without getting into too many specifics, my philosophy of selling my whittlings is in part based on having fun and covering my expenses.  I just try to support my hobby.  With this idea firmly implanted in my brain, it's much easier to price and therefore sell my items.  I give more than a few pieces to kids that show interest.
If you're interested in how I price the pieces let me know.


Randy said...

How did sales go over the weekend Tom? I hope you did well.

Tom H said...

Did quite well! Actually did very well!

Damion said...

Have you ever thought about doing anything on Etsy or mail order style? You're a bit far away from Northern Virgina where I'm at.