Friday, December 12, 2014

Accessorizing the Santa Pin & Ornaments

For years we have whittled and carved Santa's head and used it as a pin or a tree ornament.  I personally prefer to finish the Santa's that I whittle natural or lightly stained . Maybe it's time to add something.  How about a wreath?

Or maybe just with the background painted.

The easiest way to make the back, whether it's to be a wreath or just painted is to use hole saws.  Use 1/4" wood and select a hole saw for the inside diameter and drill nearly all the way through the 1/4" wood.  Next select a hole saw about 1/4" larger in diameter, and using the same drilled hole drill all the way through.  Use a gouge to remove the wood from the inside.

Whittle the Santa on the corner of a piece of Basswood to fit inside the rim of the pin / ornament.

If the rim is to be a wreath, use a small sanding sleeve and a rotary tool to randomly remove wood to leave a holly like wreath.  Paint the wreath, apply finish to the Santa, and glue the Santa in place, then add either a pin back or an eye screw to the piece.

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